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HEY PEEPS! I’m influenced by many things when it comes to fashion.. Of course I look very closely to fashion bloggers but I like to add my personal touch of nerdiness. Here’s a list of my fav bloggers and why they inspire me..

B e e s O n D u t y

Hey PEEPS ! Temperature is rising and it's so good to go outside bear legs.. I love to see all the colourful flowers everywhere and hear the little buzzes of bees on duty.. It was weird not to be with my daughter this time.. but we were able to do things differently and randomly walk trough... Lire la suite →

A D a t e W i t h P e n n y

HEY PEEPS! If u've seen my IG pics, u know that today I'm having a little date with Penny 😉 I left her waiting on a shelf for a long time and I think u can almost see the love in my eyes when I look at her 😀 We reunited for those pictures that... Lire la suite →

C h e r r y B l o s s o m

Hey PEEPS ! I'm so happy to show you these pictures taken by my sister-in-law who is a photographer. She nicely agreed to lend me her skills and the results give me the chills ! 😀 I'm not used to wear pink but I'm in love with my new PASTEL PINK trousers from MANGO! It's... Lire la suite →

#R e p o s t

Hey PEEPS ! It's been a long time since I've been on a skateboard due to so many pounds I've gained during my pregnancy 🙂 Now that I finally (almost) have my body back I'm ready to roll again ! I didn't have so many relationships but they all sucked !! and few years back from... Lire la suite →

S k i n S h o w i n

HEY PEEPS ! Spring is here and we can already notice, here and there, some serious SkinShowin' 😉 Instead of simply styling them with jeans, wearing a turtleneck is all about clever layering tricks! Under a ruffled shirt, a blouse or a summer dress paired with jeans ! I think turtleneck adds an unexpected edge to... Lire la suite →


Hey peeps ! BOMBER is a must-have in your wardrobe right now ! Bright, colourful, oversized, embroided? With patches or pins? Why not all at the same time ? 😉 It enhance any basic outfit and gives a casual/effortless BUT trendy look 😉  Today I'm wearing a full MANGO outfit with this gorgeous silky pink bomber!... Lire la suite →


HEY PEEPS! U may know that I come from the beautiful Switzerland.. I was born in Geneva but today I live in a very small town by the vineyards with my fiancé and my 15months old daughter.. Starting a fashion blog is something I've been thinking about for a while now but i was braked... Lire la suite →

Thème : Baskerville 2 par Anders Noren.

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