Hi PEEPS ! New year, new me baby! After all these festivities, I'm back with this brand new look! I'm so into this beret thing right now, but I was a bit skeptical at first because of my many insecurities.. BUT! I got rid of all that and I'm finally embracing my true self 😉 And it's all because of... Lire la Suite →


Hey Peeps! Winter is here ! I'm ready for snow and I'm also super excited as it will be my daughter's first try at skiing 🙂 When the temperature drops, oversized chunky knitted sweater is a must. I like to wear odlos (thermal clothes) underneath so I'm sure I can be warm AND fashionable ;)... Lire la Suite →


Hi peeps! I know it's been a pretty long time since we've seen each other but I told you in my last post that I finally got back to work ! Monday to Friday and 8 to 5 so I have a very tiny schedule to shoot..  Emilie (my photograph) also have a family and many... Lire la Suite →

Thème : Baskerville 2 par Anders Noren.

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