HEY PEEPS! U may know that I come from the beautiful Switzerland.. I was born in Geneva but today I live in a very small town by the vineyards with my fiancé and my 15months old daughter.. Starting a fashion blog is something I've been thinking about for a while now but i was braked... Lire la Suite →


Hey P E E P S ! New trends are settled and this season the new word you need to add to your fashion dictionary is SHROBING.. It's a mix between shoulder & robing.. All in one it's actually wearing your jacket down the shoulder.. It's a very easy trend to pull off! It gives kind... Lire la Suite →

Custom Denim Jacket

Hi P E E P S! Spring is here ! aaand i'm so glad i get to wear my oversized denim jacket! 😀 when i found this beauty (, i knew it was just the perfect canvas to express my creativity.. Pins & patches are so cool just to give a twist to a basic... Lire la Suite →


Hi peeps! Sooooo here it is!! FINALLY! Starting a personal blog is something i wanted to do for a very long time and i finally decided to run through the door and face what's behind! I am motivated and ready to go! (as u can guess from the many exclamation points ^^') As far as i... Lire la Suite →

Thème : Baskerville 2 par Anders Noren.

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