P a s t e l H a i r

Hey Peeps!

If u’ve seen my IG stories u probably know that I bleached my hair.

Well… I tried… 🙁 Don’t need to tell u that a brunette needs many bleaches (nearly 5 for me and it wasn’t enough) to achieve the perfect almost-platinum blond that u need for a pastel..

I used a #RoseBlond hair dye and at the end I have something indefinable between pink and orange.. Lucky me, the result on photo is pretty ! But I will take care of this really quickly! 😉


Today I’m wearing a simple black outfit with this crop top from PIMKIE that I bought in every color because it’s just perfect.. and I stole this VOLCOM shirt to my HB 😉 I already told you about men Ts and shirts.. You have just the perfect boyfriend-oversized look and it’s cheaper !! 🙂


Please, believe me and go to a HAIRDRESSER if u wanna bleach, especially if u have dark hair, because u’ll be disappointed and your hair won’t thank you for doing so 😉

I hope u like this post and I will see u soon in a next one! And as always..


Stay Tuned 😉



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