W i d e L e g s P l e a s e


Fashion is all about STATEMENT and these wide leg pants from ASOS do the job perfectly.. I feel so good in them and they hide what’s needed, where it’s needed. 😉


_MG_8481_MG_8477_MG_8465_MG_8445_MG_8302I love this crop top from H&M because it’s super sexy yet nerdy ! And once again I’m wearing my MANGO sneakers that I’m sure I’ll use till they bleed 🙂

In the access area, colored lenses are so cool ! Any color, any shape! and even if the sun’s not showin cuz WHO CARES!? 😉

_MG_8569_MG_8553_MG_8550_MG_8531_MG_8517_MG_8515My favorite jewel that I never leave is, of course, my engagement ring !

My man proposed, in Spain, on the beach and under the fully starry sky after a super cute night and a… well.. not-that-good paella, but the end was worth anything 😉

_MG_8520_MG_8387_MG_8377_MG_8370I love to see my daughter discover things as we walk.. It’s crazy to think that anything she sees is brand new! Simple stuff like pebbles or even grass can be so entertaining! 😀

_MG_8226_MG_8199_MG_8190_MG_8223_MG_8216 Thanks to YOU for being here and read my posts! To see more likes and followers everyday makes me sooo happy and give me strength and determination to continue this adventure that changed my life (and wardrobe) 😉

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and as always..


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