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I’m influenced by many things when it comes to fashion..  Of course I look very closely to fashion bloggers but I like to add my personal touch.

Here’s a list of my fav bloggers and why they inspire me.. Click on the names to go to their blog 😉

LE HAPPY – by Luanna


She’s the GODDESS of the vintage-grunge vibe and the QUEEN of thrift shops ! I assure you that her perfect red ombre hair will make u want to dye yours 😉

WEWOREWHAT – by Danielle


She’s the one who taught me that u can mix super feminine pieces like bodysuits or skirts with boyish stuff like mom jeans or oversized sweaters. I’m not used to ultra sexy and this is the perfect combination for me ! She’s super cute and funny and her IG is full of to-die-for clothes!



She’ a swiss blogger that I love for her perfect amount of cute&sexy.. She’s the one making me buy ruffled shirts and wide leg pants! and she has just THE eyebrows that we could kill to have !!



If u are into fashion, u probably heard of the italian beauty Chiara Ferragni.. It’s actually weird that I haven’t known her for long.. She popped out on day on my IG feed and it was love at first sight! She has many « fashion facets » and seems to nail every inch of it !



Claire is one of the first blogger I’ve followed with Luanna.. They are totally different but that’s what inspiration means right? Take a little bit of everything u like and patchwork it into your own ! She’s funny AF and doesn’t scared to speak her mind ! Even if it’s in french, the pics are totally worth your lack of language 😉



If u are into blindly colorful and ultimate vintage u’ll be served with Amy! She’s this vintage queen that rocks the gucci collections like no one! Scrolling down her blog is just successions of incredible pics that take u into a rainbow swirl all along..

So here it is peeps! I hope u discovered new things and a bit more about me 🙂 Don’t hesitate to go to my Pinterest account to see more of my inspo 🙂

If I had only one thing to say about fashion is that u have to DARE and DON’T CARE! As Taylor Swift says so well: Haters gonna Hate (hate, hate, hate, hate..) 😉

I’ll see u soon for a new post and as aways..


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