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It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a skateboard due to so many pounds I’ve gained during my pregnancy 🙂 Now that I finally (almost) have my body back I’m ready to roll again !

IMG_9235.JPGIMG_9189.JPGI didn’t have so many relationships but they all sucked !! and few years back from now I decided to focus a bit more on myself.. buuuut destiny had a different plan for me..

One day, a friend that I’ve known for a while called me to ask if he could join me on my rollerskate cardio routine. Having company for sport is more fun and motivating so, of course, I said yes 😉

We met almost everyday to skateboard by the lake and today we have the most beautiful and lovely daughter 🙂 <3 aaaaand they lived happily ever after 😉

IMG_9158IMG_9135Today I’m wearing a Graphic T in a boyish-skaty way with a simple highwaisted skinny jeans, but choose a colourful leather or even vinyl skirt and it pops out outrageously sexy 😉

Check BANGBANGBLOND‘s TIME IS ILLUSION post to see what I mean! She’s such an inspiration for me and since I’ve known her, my wardrobe changed drastically! Make sure to follow her because she’s amazingly gorgeous and have such a unique style 🙂

IMG_9312.JPGI hope u like getting to know me a little better 🙂 Let me know what u think in the comments below and head to my instagram for even more of my crazy life & family 😉

And as always.. 



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